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Cover Your Ass Austin #leggingsarenotpants

by grechen on October 3, 2013

splendid austin, splendid.com leggings, splendid top, no6 clogs

I’ve decided I need a purpose. A mission in life. And since I’m shallow and run a network of FASHION blogs, I’ve decided it’s going to be to get ladies here in Austin to COVER THEIR ASSES. I have ambitions to move beyond ATX, but I think there’s enough work here to keep me busy for a while…

Haha. I kid. A little. This is not as serious an issue as many others out there, but it’s one that has been plaguing those of us who love leggings (who doesn’t??), but would never dream of wearing them without a long top, for ages. I first wore leggings (they were stirrup pants, actually) in the 80′s, but back then it was de rigueur to wear them with a big fuzzy sweater and even bigger hair. Now, I’m seeing VPL, camel toe and all manner of “leggings as pants” violations everywhere I go.

I threatened the other day and on twitter to start exposing said violations by taking stealth photos and posting them here, but I’m not that mean. Okay, I am that mean, but I’m not sure I’m gutsy enough to take secret pictures of other women’s asses. And anyway, my goal isn’t (only) to shame, it’s to EDUCATE women and encourage them to think of leggings as merely a layer, another undergarment, if you will.

To that end, here’s a great shirt you can wear with leggings that is long enough to cover your ass. Well, long enough to cover mine anyway – I have a very short waist. Splendid in the domain has AMAZING leggings and even more amazing tops, cardigans & sweaters to go with them. Check it out, and join me in my quest.

Cover your ass Austin! #leggingsarenotpants


Event // Splendid Grand Opening Party

by grechen on October 1, 2013

So, Austin, since we last spoke, we lost Saks and Barney’s co-op, but gained Trader Joe’s and Splendid. Not really a fair trade in my opinion (although I might be the world’s biggest Splendid fan), but it’ll do for now. I would love to live in a city that could support ALL of those things (and I’d love for Austin to BE that city), but alas, it isn’t to be so. To be fair, Co-Op’s demise wasn’t because Austin couldn’t support it; Barney’s closed most of the Co-Op stores to go in a new direction. A direction that sucks, btw. And I don’t know why Saks closed, but I miss their selection of James Perse; Nordstrom’s is woefully lacking. And I really hate shopping at this Nordstrom. But more on the dearth of good contemporary shopping in Austin later, for now, let’s celebrate!! :)

Splendid, in the domain, next to MAC, where Lacoste used to be, opened about a month ago but they’re having their GRAND OPENING party tomorrow night (October 2nd). There will be food, drinks and yes, a 20% discount. GET THERE EARLY AND SNAG EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding, it’s all really good, especially with 20% off. Just in case you don’t believe me, here, look:

splendid austin grand opening party, splendid austin domain, splendid.com, splendid discount

Splendid cashmere drape cardigan | $298 (SO GOOD. I don’t own it yet, but I will. Mark my words)
Splendid stripe drapey lux dress | $128 (I tried this on the day the store opened and have been obsessing about it in my head ever since)
Splendid athletic woven pants | $118 (I own these. I want to own a pair in every color but the rest of my slouchy pants would get jealous. Anyway, they’re amazing, but have had limited sizes/colors in stock.)
Splendid thermal hoody | $88 (their thermals are THE BEST – I own a few. They’re even better when you put a hood on them.)

See? Good stuff, huh? In case you’re not already a Splendid fan, here’s why I love them:

  • Most everything is made in the US – which is really really important to me
  • It’s generally worth the money although I’ve had issues with some of my tees getting holes after ONE OR TWO wears. Before they even get washed. None of my 1×1 pieces have had any problems at all, the holes are generally with the tissue thin pieces, but still. Be aware.
  • You will pretty much want to live in everything. Which is okay, because the leggings are opaque and most of the cute tops are long enough to cover your ASS. Which is a requirement when you wear leggings. Seriously, I’m going to start snapping and posting pictures of all the leggings as pants violations in this city. Consider yourself warned.
  • One of my VERY closest friends is the manager of the store here. That’s reason enough.

Please come to the grand opening party, it will be Splendid! Yeah, I went there ;)


DIY leather details + fall Vintage shopping

by grechen on November 1, 2012

huntgatherstyle vintage shopping

I am about the last person to do any sort of DIY. I never have been very creative that way, or really inclined to do it. But in getting ready for hunt.gather.style’s fall pop-up shop, I thought I’d play around with some vintage pieces and add bits of leather here and there. It was much more difficult than I thought when I envisioned what I was going to do (which is why I don’t DIY!!) but I’m pleased with how the pieces turned out. I did everything by hand and used recycled leather, so they’re also eco-friendly ;)

Check them out in person at Touch of Sass on Saturday, November 3rd from 12-3 if you’re interested!!

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30% off at Last Call

by grechen on September 24, 2012

You KNOW I love to shop, but I love getting a deal more, so one of the things I really like about living in Austin is that both Nordstrom Rack and Last Call are only about 10 minutes away (If the James Perse outlet and Off Fifth were also closer, I’d be in heaven). One of the things I don’t love about Austin is that Fall comes so late. The weather is kind of a tease lately with the cool temperatures in the morning warming up to low 90′s during the day, but Fall WILL come, and when it does, I will be ready.

Since Fall is my favorite season, I have TONS of lightweight sweaters and cardigans that carry over from year-to-year, but I do like to add one or two new pieces each year; this year, I’m craving “ethnic” prints and sweaters with interesting details. Luckily, Last Call has plenty of those, and at great prices – especially with their Friends & Family code (FRIEND – expires today) for 30% off:

Dolce cabo SW waterfall cardigan | $76 after the code
MICHAEL Michael Kors sweater | about $60 after the code
Line Intarsia wrap sweater | $209 after the code

If you sign up for their emails, you’ll not only get access to these events to shop in-store, but right now they’re doing a $1,000 gift card giveaway for newsletter sign-ups!


hunt.gather.style vintage clothing Summer sale

by grechen on September 20, 2012

My partners and I at hunt.gather.style are popping up again next Saturday, September 29th for Summer’s last hurrah at Etcetera, Etc! We’ve discounted all of our Summer items; almost everything is under $25. Fall is in the air, but I always wear my Summer stuff here in Austin, especially great layering pieces like sundresses & silk tops.

And if you REALLY want to shop for Fall also, Etcetera, Etc. has some great cooler weather pieces that will go wonderfully with your vintage finds :)


Jeannie Vianney Jewelry Giveaway

by grechen on September 17, 2012

byjeannie jewelry giveaway

Fabulous local Austin jewelry designer Jeannie Vianney is having a “Pin it to win it” contest featuring her super-popular lace pieces until September 30th – click here for more details. I’ve seen some of these pieces in person and they are substantial; I love the contrast between the delicate lace-look and the solid metal (the Chelsea cuff is INSANE).


Speaking of MOSS…

by grechen on September 6, 2012

I know, I always speak of MOSS…but since I was there this week and saw some of the pieces Sari pulled for the photo-shoot, and I was very excited about the AllSaints jacket (WHY do we not have an AllSaints in Austin? oh, I know, because it’s not hipster, or hippie enough – too “dark” maybe…we’re getting ready to NOT even have a Saks in Austin anymore. I mean…), I wanted to do another post. Okay? good. Check out some of the new stuff they’re getting in for Fall:

1 | All Saints jacket (so good. It’s a size large, so it was a bit too large for me, or else it would be in my closet right now), Vivienne Westwood skirt, Bottega Veneta boots

2 | Vince Shearling Jacket (this was so awesome, but a little warm for Austin, don’t you think?), Michael Kors Dress, Givenchy Embossed Handbag, Ralph Lauren Boot

3 | Laura Smalls Poly Coated Dress, Gucci Studded, Loeffler Randall Platforms (they’re my size!! on no…)

Visit MOSS’s blog for more details, or stop in to buy anything you see here. Just not the LR platforms.


Outfit: get dressed Austin

by grechen on September 5, 2012

I’m so hot I didn’t want to change out of the short little cami dress I’ve been wearing around the apartment while working. But no one wants to see me in THAT, so before I go out, I changed into something more public-appropriate – which honestly is something I wish more people would do here in Austin. CHANGE clothes. Maybe that outfit you wore to go running this morning, the torn-up sweats you wear around the house, or the leggings you wore to yoga ARE NOT appropriate to wear among other people. No, not maybe. They ARE DEFINITELY NOT appropriate to wear in public, where other people have presumably made an effort to look presentable. Neither are pajamas. Also, Spanx? Invest in a pair.

**rant over**

H&M top
Thrifted denim skirt (came with a pocket-full of Halls cough drops!!)
Kurt Geiger platform clogs (secondhand from MOSS)
Lizzie Fortunato necklace
Jas M.B. bag (from Barney’s co-op here in Austin, link goes to the black version online)

Okay, I realize that sometimes it’s necessary to run out to HEB really quick in your running shorts, and I’m sure they’re comfortable, but running shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops is NOT AN OUTFIT. I’ll admit that I haven’t lived in a lot of cities (besides Austin and Atlanta), but I’ve traveled a lot, and I have NEVER been in another city where nike shorts & lululemon leggings are considered “fashion” and if you’re dressed in real clothes, you’re weird. And there’s NO way it’s just the UT kids dressing this way…(anyway, that’s not an excuse).

Now, my rant is over. Maybe. For now, anyway. I have a lot of love for Austin, but so much frustration for the “fashion” here…I just had to vent! I care about how people present themselves. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what size you are, how much money you have, or whatever, if you take pride in your appearance by making just a small effort to get dressed when you leave the house, you will look – and feel – amazing.

And I’ll feel better too ;)

(Sheesh…do I sound like I’m about to turn 40 or what??)


Is it just me, or is it hotter now than it was all Summer? I’m melting….and getting a lot of use out of my sleeveless Summer dresses. I actually wear Summer dresses all year in Austin, I just add a blazer, cardigan or leather jacket and I’m good. Boots would be great with the shorter options – and how cute would that Rachel Pally dress be with a cape over it and some knee-high flat boots? SO cute.

Anyway, check out Shopbop’s end-of-Summer sale (it’s a good one) – here are some pieces I’d pick up if I were you (from L to R):

Splendid cowl-neck dress | $41 (I have this in gray – love it and get compliments on it constantly. Last seen here)
James Perse dress | $157.50
Lanston asymmetrical dress | $100.10
Rachel Pally mini-caftan | $105.50
Lanston v-neck dress | $69 (I also have this in black. Last seen here)
Chaser leather-back maxi dress | $120


austin designer | Fail Jewelry

by grechen on July 19, 2012


It’s been a long time since I visited Schatzelein; I’m definitely due for a visit soon, especially since Christine posted some beautiful new arrivals (agate studs…turquoise bracelets) on twitter last week. In addition to all the other amazing designers at Schatzelein, one of my favorites is the owner’s own line, Fail Jewelry. Christine’s pieces are right up my alley: simple, minimal, wear-every-day-and-never-take-off (like those rings above). Affordable too. If you’re not local, check out her online shop here, but if you are in Austin, you have NO excuse not to visit Schatzelein in person. You’ll thank me once you have ;)

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